Dan Patterson will never forget the day he was eating lunch and minding his own business when he looked down at his peanut butter and honey sandwich and realized he’d nibbled it into the shape of the United States! (Lower 48)

When he’s not being a sandwich Michelangelo, Dan is a dad, husband, and preschool teacher.  He’s written a couple middle grade novels that he wishes would see the light of day.


5 responses to “About

  1. Sheryl Cousineau

    Love this Dan, makes me want to read kids books. Loved the photos!

  2. My son suggested you should add Alaska to your sandwich 🙂

  3. Great job with this blog, great service to children and parents. I’m now not only a subscriber to Patterson’s Picks, but have featured your blogsite today on my own blog, Diamond-Cut Life. Question: would you consider recommending some books that help children deal with the stressful reality of climate change/global warming? That topic needs the keenest minds and best thinking that our young generation can possibly develop.

    Write on, Dan.

  4. Eric Juenemann


    This is great! Sorry that I’m just now getting around to looking at it!


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