Why to read the graphic novel Hereville:  How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch (2010):

Teaser on cover:  “Yet Another Troll-Fighting 11-Year-Old Orthodox Jewish Girl”

Terrific story-telling centering on Mirka and her little brother.  Reads itself!

Yiddish words with definitions at the bottom of the page.

Great characters like her stepmother Fruma who loves to argue an intellectual point.  If you agree with her she’ll start arguing the other side!

Varied page layouts that keep your eyes entertained.

A big, unforgiving pig who talks.

Memorable witch dispensing advice.

Homely, beautifully-weird troll.

Can our hero out-knit the troll so he doesn’t eat her? Summary:  winner.

Look for  brand new sequel:  Hereville:  How Mirka Met a Meteorite.



Filed under Age: Middle Grade, Age: Young Adult, Fiction, Reviews

5 responses to “Hereville!

  1. Okay, okay. Here’s another one I’ve got to read now. Oops, make that two!

  2. Dan–I might have to actually start reading some of these books you describe, especially being kids’ books and all (and therefore not 800 page commitments).

  3. I don’t see how I can afford not to! Perhaps I’ll buy two copies just for funzies and switch off every day.

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