The Halloween Kid

     How about some retro brilliance for Halloween?  The Halloween Kid is a little 2010 miracle by Rhode Montijo.  The hero in the title is a small boy in a red-striped shirt and a big old cowboy hat who rides a little horse on a stick.  The story is told with cowboy slang.  “You see, the Halloween Kid loved him some Halloween and he would wrangle those who tried to ruin it.”  So watch out, toilet paper mummies or pumpkin-suckin’ vampires!

It’s a fun story, but the magic of the book is wonderful pictures that look like they’re from the back of a 1950s cereal box.  In fact, the pages even show signs of wear as if they’re old and worn.  Hard to describe, maybe you just have to see it.  I love the cartoon style, and there’s all these great silhouettes, like a house outline and the shadows of a mom and her boy and girl inside it.  I had fun trying to cut these silhouette shapes out of black paper, especially the long, skinny lady with her hair in a bun talking on an old telephone.

Check this one out and you’ll be yipping “Yee-Ha-lloween!” right out your front door.



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4 responses to “The Halloween Kid

  1. Mr. Patterson, what a great recommendation. I’ve been looking for a Halloween book about the actual experience of it, not the scary part. Thanks!

  2. This sounds like a great book to read to my five year old granddaughter. And I’m impressed as hog-wrangled punch that you copied the black silhouetted witch!

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