Pandemonium caused by my Trigger John’s Son post!

Patterson Picks readers, you have spoken.  After my post extolling the 1934 book Trigger John’s Son with the stunning 1949 illustrations by Robert McCloskey, you overwhelmed the poor, unprepared infrastructure of  Who wouldn’t want this great tale of youth abundantly illustrated by McCloskey in what has been called (by Patterson Picks) his most brilliant outing?

They didn’t know what hit’em.  Suddenly the world was demanding a copy of long out-of-print TJS.  We never intended to bring Jeff Bezos and the Amazon organization to its knees.  My apologies to the Amazon minions, who were just expecting a routine day of shipping 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker.  While Trigger John’s Son is so good that this event seems almost inevitable in retrospect, Patterson Picks would like to apologize to Amazon.  It’s fun to think of the exhilaration Robert McCloskey must have had in discovering the text of TJS and imagining how he’d illustrate it.

If you’re copy hasn’t arrived yet, here are a few great illustrations you will be enjoying…

Okay, so maybe Amazon didn’t almost come tumbling down in the overwhelming demand for this classic, but it’s fun to imagine.


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One response to “Pandemonium caused by my Trigger John’s Son post!

  1. That’s hysterical! You must be a great writer, or maybe a Chubby Checker clone–that was a pretty good twist!

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