The Cat’s Turn

  For a few years now, my family has returned again and again to Old Tom, a wacky housecat from Australia.  It’s one of my many favorites discovered by my kids yanking random books off the shelf at Woodstock Library.  Forget the reviews!  Forget my blog!  This is how you find the best books!

Anyhow, I love the two books Old Tom, Man of Mystery (2003) and Old Tom’s Holiday.  Written and illustrated by Leigh Hobbs, he’s got these great bold ink lines colored in brightly.  Angela Throgmorton, Tom’s owner, has googly eyes and hair in a bun.  The center of her world is her cat, Old Tom, who carries around a fish carcass like a teddy bear and always has one eye closed.  When she decides it’s time for Tom to do his share of the chores, he takes a turn for the worse.  While she cleans the house furiously and Tom is supposedly resting in bed, a  masked “Man of Mystery” starts roaming town.  Angela tries to discover the identity of this mystery figure.

Still funny after all these years.



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2 responses to “The Cat’s Turn

  1. Barbara Kutasz

    I believe Old Tom may be modeled on my own notoriously unpleasant cat. When dealing with this particular variety of cat, humor is a necessity and it sounds like Hobbs uses it to perfection! Can’t wait to read this one.

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