Start the school year off right with Jake!

We got a copy of Jake Starts School  (Fiewel and Friends, 2008) at just the right time- when my daughter was starting kindergarten. Michael Wright has written and illustrated a fun story and a perfect “issue” book for kids dealing with the start of school .

This is a fabulous story about that first day of school we all experience.  It’s intense for all of us, but little Jake is terrified and refuses to let go of his parents ALL DAY LONG.  You have a sense your first day of school that anything could happen and things could go really bad.  So you’re not surprised when you read

Just then the door swung open and
A red-haired lady said..
Hi, I’m your teacher Mrs. Moore.
Jake screamed and then he fled.

From then on Jake is stuck to his parents like they’re one organism.  It’s funny and Jake has a lot at stake.  The rhyming text flows out smoothly and tells a great story.  Pictures like the one of Jake and his mom and dad weighing down one side of a teeter totter while the little girl on the other side is stuck high on her perch delight the readers.  Our family has read this countless times over the last four years and we’ve enjoyed it every time!

I’ve just heard the good news that there are more Jake books:  Jake Goes Peanuts and Jake Stays Awake .  I’ll have to hunt them down.



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3 responses to “Start the school year off right with Jake!

  1. Nancy Leezix

    Hey Dan-O:
    What a great blog! I’ve written down a couple of your recommendations to get at the library. Nice work:-)

  2. Dan, this is terrific! Now I want to get every book you’ve reviewed!

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